Welcome to Innovation Day!

        Hsiao-Wuen Hon
         Managing Director

On behalf of everyone at Microsoft Research Asia, I am delighted to welcome you to Innovation Day 2010! At the last Innovation Day, two years ago, this lab celebrated its tenth anniversary; we have continued to work hard in our research so that Innovation Day this year will be even better than the last.

We’re now well into our second decade and the values and traditions that we created over the past 10 years are continuing to feed our successes and future growth. Today, our research efforts span more than 20 different fields and include disciplines such as natural user interfaces, multimedia, data intensive computing, search and online advertising, and fundamental subjects in computer science.

As we have grown, our commitment to fostering talent and to building healthy IT ecosystems in the region has expanded. We continue to build partnerships with educational institutions and academics around the world, as well as maintain the relationships we’ve already created. Many of the young researchers, who joined us in the early years, are now experts in their respective fields and continue to pass on the knowledge and expertise to others that have passed through our doors, helping build stronger economies throughout Asia.

We continue to strive for excellence in all we do, looking to improve upon the standard and always advancing the state-of-the-art. Innovation Day 2010 offers you the chance to see what some of the finest researchers in the world are working on; what they’re doing to enhance our lives and push the boundaries of what can be done – in short turning ideas into reality.

Come to Innovation Day 2010 and see the impossible made possible!