Data Analytics Intern

Data Analytics Intern

  • Number: 2-4
  • Location: Beijing

Group Overview:

Service Intelligence group under DKI (Data, Knowledge, Intelligence) Area. Service intelligence group builds in-depth cooperation with Microsoft cloud product team. Aiming at solving the challenges brought by massive users, large-scale clusters and complex system architecture to cloud computing, service intelligence group applies a series of innovative technologies to many real-world production scenarios. Typical cloud system scenarios include fault prediction, anomaly detection, intelligent diagnosis, capacity planning, fault management, etc. Previous projects have greatly improved the service quality, user experience and industrial productivity of the world leading cloud computing system. Related works have also been published in the top conferences of artificial intelligence, software engineering, software system and so on.


Job Description:

Join us and work with DKI researchers on world leading Cloud+AI projects, including exploring state-of-the-art models in AI and Cloud, transferring novel techniques into Microsoft high impact cloud products (e.g., Azure), and publishing researcher papers. The internship work includes but not limited to:

  • Deep understand features of top large-scale cloud computing platform and system
  • Closely cooperate with research and product partner teams in China and USA to achieve the goal of research project
  • Data collecting, data cleaning, supervised/semi-supervised/reinforcement machine learning model design, model evaluation design, model deployment, and etc.
  • Implement efficient, effective, reliable and maintainable project code


Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor, Master or Computer Science/Data Science or other related topics
  • Skilled in coding and familiar with C/C++/C#/Java/Python, Pytorch, Tensorflow, MXNet, Scikit-learn, etc.
  • Real world data analytics experience is a plus.
  • Full-time working (or part-time with at least 4 days per week) for 6 months.


Required Internship Duration:

Can commit at least 6-months internship


Application Process

Qualified applicants are required to fill out the application form and send it with their CVs/resumes in English (if applicable, in Chinese as well) in PDF/Word/Txt/Html format to:, and note that you are applying for Data analytics internship position in Service Intelligence Group, DKI area. Download the Application Form here:


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