Research Intern

Research Intern

  • Number: Several
  • Location: Beijing

Job Overview:

We live in an exciting time as the great success from big data analysis and machine learning. New experiences from cloud computing, mobile Internet and other services supported by difference forms of systems incredibly improved our life. Systems research have been and will continue playing an indispensable role in this revolution.

We encourage students to apply to work with us to learn, build and create great systems together in following areas:

  • Artificial intelligence infrastructure & platforms
  • Big data systems
  • Distributed systems tools
  • Search engine system
  • Cloud/edge/mobile computing
  • Distributed storage & distributed transactions
  • Block chain & smart contract
  • Customized hardware & hybrid architecture

Responsibilities and Duties:

A research intern is expected to contribute in many ways to the research project, typical responsibilities and duties include the following:

  • Handle one research project independently
  • Collaborate with researchers and other interns on one project
  • Design and implement system code
  • Optimize existed system code
  • Write paper

Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned by individual researchers.



  • Educational background: B.S/Master/Ph.D. candidates from a range disciplines, including CS, EE, Mathematics and Physics.
  • Basic System Background: Operation system, Distributed System, Program Language, Storage System, Database and Hardware experience is preferred
  • Good programming skills in C / C++, Python / C# / JavaScript / Java are also preferred
  • Good communication skills and excellent teamwork
  • Familiar with both Windows and Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, etc.)
  • Experience of developing FPGA related projects is preferred.
  • Knowledge of Network/Computer Architecture is preferred.

Working time requirement

At least 3 months, preferable 6+ months