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Academic Symposium Introduction

October 29th, 2007 marks the celebration of the ninth "Computing in the 21st Century" Conference. The event will be held at Nanjing's Great Hall of the People, and will invite crowds of students and professors of Nanjing's top schools to interact and exchange research experiences with renowned computer science experts from around the world. This global academic forum will be hosted by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Nanjing Government and Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) .

Sharing the spotlight for this academic celebration are the 1986 & 1995 Turing Award winners, world famous scholars and top specialists from the Microsoft. The conference will then journey to Seoul, Korea on November 2nd to share and expand the insight and influence of world-class experts throughout Asia. This conference, founded by the MSRA, is a traditional academic gathering representing a bridge between students of China and Asia to the latest discoveries of the digital world.

The world is currently enjoying the growing impact of the internet in our everyday lives. Recognizing it as a key platform in today's computing arena, the conference attached itself to the slogan, "Weaving the Future through the Web", to capture the value of web-based research in our future. Throughout the conference, experts will share and discuss exciting new research achievements like "Machine Understanding" and "On Organic Interfaces". The MSRA hopes that these discoveries and innovations will encourage further achievements in web-based research and presage a future full of possibilities in the digital world.

Microsoft Research Asia will enter its tenth year in November, 2007. For its decade of innovation in the computing world, the MSRA remembers its commitment to working closely with the academic world to foster talents in the China IT industry. "Computing in the 21st Century" only represents a fraction of how the MSRA strives to inspire and influence global computer research in the Asia-Pacific Region and hopes to remain a key player in the next decade of innovation and discovery among the digital world's future generations.

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