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Computing in the 21st Century Conference, jointly hosted by National Natural ScienceFoundation Commission, Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) and Peking University will be held on November 4th, 2008. Thousands of professors and students from colleges all around Beijing will gather in Peking University’s Centennial Hall for this grand event. Masters in computer research throughout the country and from around the world will be given the opportunity to meet face to face with Chinese students and scholars, delivering keynote speeches and sharing their achievements in computer science research. On November 7th, the conference will then be held in Singapore, expanding the influence of world’s top research results to the Asia-Pacific region.

Under the theme of “New Horizon of Computing”, Computing in the 21st Century Conference will review the history of computer development, and look ahead to the new world of future computing. The speakers include Turing Award (which is recognized as the "Nobel Prize of computing") recipients Dr. Raj Reddy, Dr. Butler Lampson, Dr. Tony Hoare, Dr. Rick Rashid, Senior Vice President of Microsoft Corporation, Dr. Harry Shum, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Corporation and Dr. Hsiao-Wuen Hon, Managing Director of Microsoft Research Asia. We hope the conference will inspire young students and scholars with new angles, arouse their interest in computer science, and further enhance the development of related research fields in China and Asia Pacific.

Microsoft Research Asia is celebrating its 10th anniversary this November. During the past decade, it has always been committed to strong collaboration with academia to cultivate practical talents for IT and related creative industries. Computing in the 21st Century is an academic conference held by Microsoft Research Asia. The conference is one of the biggest and most influential conferences in computer science education and research in the region. It explores the new horizon of computing field, demonstrates the influence of Microsoft Research Asia in international computer research, and promotes communication and collaboration between Microsoft and academia.

For close to ten years, Computing in the 21st Century conference has welcomed Turing Award recipients, famous Microsoft scientists and well-known scholars from all over the world to give keynote speeches and exchange ideas with the innovative minds of China and Asia. The conference attracts strong attention from Chinese and Asia Pacific academia and is honored by the media as “the Most Significant Academic Exchanges in Chinese Computer Science Research Area”. The number of attendees has regularly surpassed 20,000 over the past nine years.