Co-hosted by Microsoft Research Asia, Nankai University and Tianjin University, the 14th Computing in the 21st Century Conference will be held in Tianjin on October 25, 2012. Following the theme ‘Computing, Naturally’ the conference will invite top of the mind from the world to share the latest trends and greatest achievements in computer science with over 2,000 faculty members and college students in Tianjin, through keynote speeches and panel discussion, to provide a new perspective for computer science research and education in China and the Asia-Pacific region.

Entering the era of Natural User Interfaces (NUI), scientists are exploring new ways to enable human to interact with computing devices more naturally, to fully unleash the potential of computing technology, and to benefit more people around the world. The 14th Computing in the 21st Century Conference aims to address a wide range of computing science topics that empower ordinary people with a natural computing experience, including human-computer interaction, computational thinking, machine learning, big data, sensors, information retrieval and knowledge acquisition, mobile and cloud computing, social computing, and trustworthy computing. The keynote speakers include Turing Award recipient – Prof. John Hopcroft (Cornell); world top computer scientists Prof. Michael Jordan (Berkeley), Prof. Daniela Rus (MIT), and Prof. Jeannette M. Wing (CMU); and top leaders and distinguished scientists from Microsoft, Dr. Rick Rashid – Chief Research Officer of Microsoft Corporation, Dr. Peter Lee – Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Research Redmond, and Dr. Hsiao-Wuen Hon – Managing Director of Microsoft Research Asia.

Ever since Microsoft Research Asia was established in Beijing in 1998, it has been committed to strong collaboration with academia to cultivate talent for IT and related industries. Computing in the 21st Century Conference is an annual academic conference founded and organized by Microsoft Research Asia since its inception, which has become one of the biggest and most influential conferences in computing science education and research in China and Asia-Pacific region. The previous 13 annual conferences have been successfully held in many Asian countries and regions including, China, Japan, Korea and Singapore, and have attracted a total of more than 36,000 attendees. They have welcomed numerous Turing Award winners and top scholars and researchers from all over the world to give keynote speeches, share their mind, and have face to face dialogues with students. Well received by the faculty members and students, the Conference is honored by the media as the “Most Significant Academic Exchange in the Computing Science Research Area.”
Date: October 25th, 2012
Venue: Tianjin Auditorium
Hotline: +86 10 59172488