Microsoft Research Asia 20th Anniversary

Microsoft Research Asia 20th Anniversary

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Microsoft Research Asia. By attracting the best talent from Asia and across the globe, MSRA has grown into a world-class research lab, conducting both basic and applied research.

Currently, Microsoft Research Asia has more than 200 scientists and over 300 visiting scholars and interns. New technologies from Microsoft Research Asia constantly spring up. In addition to making breakthroughs in basic research, Microsoft Research Asia also transfers lots of technologies to Microsoft products. At the same time, based on a practice-driven research philosophy, Microsoft Research Asia has also incubated many popular applications and technology projects in recent years.

While advancing technological innovation, Microsoft Research Asia also plays the role of a talent development platform, continually cultivating the world's top computer research talents. Today, Microsoft Research Asia alumni spreads all over the globe, and has become the backbone of today's academic and industrial innovation.

MSRA has been striving to create a dynamic, open and collaborative research environment that advocates the embracement of technological advancement and promotes innovation, diversity, and inclusive. Researchers are encouraged to establish long-term visions, to respond quickly to industry development, technological trends, and consumer needs, and to commit to strong cooperation with universities, research institutes, and industry partners to turn ideas into reality by promoting collaboration, advance education, and cultivate innovation.

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