ACE Talk公开讲座报名开启,特邀南加州大学助理教授赵洁玉

2023-06-29 | 作者:微软亚洲研究院

微软亚洲研究院 ACE Talk 系列讲座旨在邀请杰出的学术新星分享科研成果,为学生与研究员提供相互交流学习与洞悉前沿动态的平台。

本期为第四期 ACE Talk,同时也是本系列首次为研究院外部观众提供线下参与名额。我们特别邀请到来自南加利福尼亚大学计算机科学系的赵洁玉助理教授(即将入职),带来主题为《建立负责任的自然语言处理模型:社会偏见的检测与缓解》的报告。线下名额有限,欢迎同学们报名!





时间:7 月 6 日(周四)

地点:微软亚洲研究院(北京市海淀区丹棱街 5 号)


• 嘉宾线上讲座报告,Q&A(10:00-11:30)

• Office tour(11:30-12:00)





线下参与名额有限,请感兴趣的同学尽早报名。未获得线下参与机会的报名同学仍可以通过 Teams 会议链接远程参与讲座与Q&A环节。

报名截止时间:7 月 3 日(周一)14:00




Jieyu Zhao will be an Assistant Professor at USC CS department starting from August 2023. Before that, she was a postdoctoral researcher at UMD, working together with Prof. Hal Daumé III. She obtained her PhD from the department of Computer Science at UCLA where she was advised by Prof. Kai-Wei Chang. Her research interest lies in fairness of ML/NLP models. Her paper got the EMNLP Best Long Paper Award (2017). She was one of the recipients of 2020 Microsoft PhD Fellowship and has been selected to participate in 2021 Rising Stars in EECS workshop. Her research has been covered by news media such as Wires, The Daily Mail and so on. She was invited by UN-WOMEN Beijing on a panel discussion about gender equality and social responsibility.



Building Accountable NLP Models: on Social Bias Detection and Mitigation

Natural Language Processing (NLP) plays an important role in many applications, including resume filtering, text analysis, and information retrieval. Despite the remarkable accuracy enabled by the advances in machine learning used in many applications, the technique may discover and generalize the societal biases implicit in the data. For example, an automatic resume filtering system may unconsciously select candidates based on their gender and race due to implicit associations between applicant names and job titles, causing the societal disparity discovered by researchers. Various laws and policies have been designed to ensure social equality and diversity. However, there is no such mechanism for a machine learning model for sensitive applications. My research analyzes the potential stereotypes in various machine learning models and develops computational approaches to enhance fairness in a wide range of NLP applications. The broader impact of my research aligns with one of the concerns of machine learning community: how can we do AI for social good.



关于ACE Talk


ACE Talk(Advance, Creativity and Empowerment)是由微软亚洲研究院举办的系列讲座,旨在邀请杰出的学术新星分享科研成果,为学生与研究员提供相互交流学习与洞悉前沿动态的平台。

ACE Talk Series 于2023年3月开启,迄今已成功邀请哥伦比亚大学博士钟宇宏、杜克大学助理教授Neil Gong、香港大学助理教授余涛等嘉宾,分享内容涉及高速存储数据路径、大模型安全问题、自然语言界面等主题,参与人数达四百余名。未来ACE Talk还将继续专注于前沿研究分享,为更多领域内研究者提供多元互通的学术交流空间。