ACE Talk 特邀佐治亚理工学院助理教授 Srijan Kumar,分享大语言与多模态模型的稳健性与可靠性问题研究

2023-08-29 | 作者:微软亚洲研究院

微软亚洲研究院 ACE Talk 系列讲座旨在邀请杰出的学术新星分享科研成果,为学生与研究员提供相互交流学习与洞悉前沿动态的平台。

第七期 ACE Talk,我们特别邀请到来自佐治亚理工学院计算机学院的助理教授 Srijan Kumar 为我们带来以“The Robustness and Reliability of Large Language and Multimodal Models”为主题的报告,介绍他的团队针对多语言、多模态、小样本学习模型的稳健性问题研究。欢迎大家报名!





时间:9 月 5 日(周二)10:00-11:30



• 嘉宾报告(10:00-11:00)

• Q&A(11:00-11:30)



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Srijan Kumar is an Assistant Professor at the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He completed his postdoctoral training at Stanford University, received a Ph.D. and M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, College Park, and B.Tech. from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. He develops AI and Data Mining methods to detect and mitigate the pressing threats posed by malicious actors (e.g., evaders, sockpuppets, etc.) and harmful content (e.g., misinformation, hate speech etc.) to web users and platforms. His methods have been used in production at Flipkart (India’s largest e-commerce platform) and influenced Twitter’s Birdwatch system. He has been selected as an NSF CAREER awardee, a Kavli Fellow by the National Academy of Sciences, named as Forbes 30 under 30 honoree in Science, ACM SIGKDD Doctoral Dissertation Award runner-up 2018, and best paper honorable mention award from the ACM Web Conference. He has also won the Adobe Faculty Award and the Facebook Faculty Award. His research has been covered in the popular press, including CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, and New York Magazine.



The Robustness and Reliability of Large Language and Multimodal Models

LLMs and multimodal models have been shown to make unexpected errors, highlighting that they are not robust. I will discuss my group’s latest research (from ACL, EMNLP, ICWSM, etc.) that identify the scenarios in which robustness issues occur in multilingual, multimodal, and few-shot learning models.



Dr. Huishuai Zhang is a senior researcher at Microsoft Research Asia. He obtained his bachelor degree from University of Science and Technology of China and my Ph.D degree from Syracuse University. His main research interests include trustworthy machine learning, deep learning theory and optimization. He aims at understanding the fundamental limits of privacy protection and machine learning, designing efficient and robust learning algorithms.


关于ACE Talk


ACE Talk(Advance, Creativity and Empowerment)是由微软亚洲研究院举办的系列讲座,旨在邀请杰出的学术新星分享科研成果,为学生与研究员提供相互交流学习与洞悉前沿动态的平台。

ACE Talk Series 于 2023 年 3 月开启,迄今已成功邀请哥伦比亚大学博士钟宇宏、杜克大学助理教授 Neil Gong、香港大学助理教授余涛、南加州大学助理教授赵洁玉、麻省理工学院副教授韩松、斯坦福大学助理教授杨笛一等嘉宾,分享内容涉及大模型安全、自然语言界面、LLM量化、模型社会责任等主题,参与人数达七百余名。未来 ACE Talk 还将继续专注于前沿研究分享,为更多领域内研究者提供多元互通的学术交流空间。