Research Intern


Research Intern

  • Position Type: Full time intern
  • Number: Several
  • Location: Beijing

Job Overview:

We are seeking smart, responsible, and energetic interns to join our Networking Research Group. In this position, you will be expected to learn both hardware and software knowledge and have more experience on networking system.

Responsibilities and Duties:

A research intern is expected to contribute in many ways to the research project, typical responsibilities and duties include the following:


  • Handle one project independently
  • Summarize project results and monitor the project progress
  • Prepare progress reports and presentations, and attend project meetings
  • Write paper


  • Design and implement next-generation networking security system
  • Use C language, python, etc. to implement high-efficient system component
  • Do the unit test and integration test


  • Design and implement next-generation hardware-based system
  • Use the Verilog to implement the hardware module
  • Write the code for OS driver and experiments
  • Do the simulation and onboard testing

Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned by individual researchers.




  • Educational background: CS, B.S/Master/Ph.D. candidate.
  • Basic Networking Background, ML/Storage/GPU/OS Driver experience is preferred
  • Good programming skills in C / C++
  • Good communication skills and excellent teamwork
  • Familiar with both Windows and Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, etc.)


  • Educational background: CS/EE.
  • Familiar with Analog/Digital circuits implementation.
  • Familiar with FPGA EDA tools, such as ISE/Quartus/ModelSim,
  • Experience of developing FPGA related projects is preferred.
  • Knowledge of Network/Computer Architecture is preferred.


Working time requirement

Full-time Intern, At least 3 months, preferable 6+ months